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Modern Pumps & Metals Inc.

Our story begins in 1990 in the small mining and pulp & paper community of Bathurst, New Brunswick. With a round-mouth shovel and some determination, 22-year-old founder Mike Scott dug the foundation to our future. It was here where we opened our first shop known as All-Tech Hydraulic & Mechanical, offering mechanical, hydraulic, machining, and welding services to the industry of the region.

Throughout the 90s, our company grew from 1 to 6 employees by offering quality maintenance support to the mines and mills of the region. In the late 90s, the region fell on hard times. With a young family to support, Mike was forced to either close shop or look for new work beyond our community’s borders. With failure not being an option, in 1997 Mike set trail for the Town of Labrador City and hasn’t looked back since.

A significant turning point in the company’s trajectory occurred in 2015 when Mike and his new business partner, Steve Furlotte, purchased Modern Pumps & Metals.

Established in 1988, Modern Pumps & Metals was a pump repair company with a strong reputation throughout Atlantic Canada. While operating the company from 2015 to 2017, both Mike and Steve noticed that the company attracted a wide variety of customers, and so, in 2018 the strategic decision was made to merge All-Tech Hydraulic & Mechanical with Modern Pumps & Metals.

Today, with over 25 employees and locations in Beresford, New Brunswick and Wabush, Newfoundland, we serve all of Atlantic Canada with the same passion and determination that dug our footholds all those years ago.

Modern Pumps & Metals Inc.



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